TV Advertising

When it comes to selecting media for advertising, one has the choice of one or more of the following:

A. Press Advertising

(1) Newspapers: daily and weekly.

(2) Periodicals: some have a general appeal, others specialize in subjects such as gardening, motoring, stamp-collecting, yachting.

B. Radio and Television Advertising

(1) Commercial radio is new to Britain, but it is envisaged that networks will shortly cover the whole country.

(2) Commercial Television. The Independent Broadcasting Authority controls commercial TV and radio in Britain and licenses a number of regionally based companies. Television advertising is now a fully accepted and vitally important medium for the promotion of consumer products.

C. Poster Advertising

One of the oldest media for consumer goods advertising and still one of the most effective. Posters are displayed on walls and hoardings, on buses and other vehicles.

D. Direct Mail Advertising

The use of the postal services for the distribution of advertising matter by means of letters and circulars plays an important part in the promotion of all types of household goods, books, magazines and hobbyist equipment. Find out more.

E. Cinema Advertising

Short films and slides shown between the ‘main features’ at the cinema have the merit of a truly captive audience!

F. Shop Display Advertising

Special display material, including mobiles, which may be erected in shop windows, the interior of shops, or in exhibition halls and at trade fairs.

G. Miscellaneous Advertising Media

Telephone and other directories, postal franking machines, sealing tape, labels, special gifts and novelties.

Digital technology is often used for advertising. Click here.

From this welter of advertising opportunity one must select those media which are likely to prove most suitable, in terms of the relation of their cost to their likely ‘puffing power’. It is here that advertising research comes to our aid.

H. Out of Home AdvertisingExterion Media Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising reaches people when they are out of home and this type of marketing is increasing in popularity as people are now spending more time out of the house, than in.

Exterion Media offer a new service, which is Exterion Live. There is no other marketing channel that gives brands the opportunity to truly engage with an audience, giving them a better experience. See one of the UK’s leading outdoor media owners.

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