SEO Explained as Yahoo Tests New Service

Yahoo is testing a new platform to enhance accurate search results which could optimise keyword searches for online marketing and SEO services.

Termed �Infinite Browse’, this new layer to the Search Engine hopes to target official web pages, other news and slideshows for trending topics to enhance the search results depending on the user’s needs.

“Search is evolving to mean more than entering keywords in a text box,” said Caroline Tsay, Yahoo Search Product Manager and Marc Davis, Product Manager on the Yahoo Search Blog.

“We’re leveraging our search technology to help people browse and explore things they’re interested in, such as images, videos, news articles, slideshows and search suggestions without having to go to a separate web page.”

Related search content below a searched news story will be added with the new module, which is currently only being tested on a few visitors.

This new aspect of Yahoo follows their other recent launch of �Trending Now’ which has been met with great popularity – specialising in trending topics in a similar field on searched words so a user can view the history of topic.

SEO Explained at Search News Media

Search Engine Optimisation is a unique form of marketing which creates inbound visits and links to your site.  When someone types into a search engine such as Google the words �compare car insurance’ certain sites appear higher up the page than others, and some are so far back no one is likely to choose it.

Search News Media provides daily news content via seo news feeds for your website which as well as boosting SEO adds credibility to your services, increases website dwell time and is proven to increase sales over time.

How it Works

We research, we create, we engage

Working with the UK’s top brands and businesses, at Search News Media we provide bespoke, tailored editorial and video content to increase web presence, search engine rankings and social engagement.

Did you know?

Content Aids the Sales Funnel

95% of online buyers said that the vendor they selected provided ample relevant content during their buying process Source: Report Breaking Out of the Funnel – February 2017

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