Facebook Still Top, But for How Long?

A massive one in every six internet pages viewed in the UK is a Facebook page, but as new figures show user growth has slowed in the last six months, is there trouble in store for Facebook in the future?

Last month Facebook celebrated reaching half a billion registered users worldwide and there are currently 26 million British users, Google Trends data showed in a Hitwise Intelligence report.

Furthermore, Facebook’s market share of UK page views has trebled over the last five years but growth has slowed considerably in the last six months.

Last month saw a slight decline in share and it’s usually high average session time – almost half an hour – has stabilised after increasing rapidly since inception.

The SEO Process

As a popular means of social bookmarking and PR generation Facebook is likely to continue to be significant to the SEO process for the time being. For brand building and �seeding’ online content, Facebook is likely to remain important for continued link building in the online marketing arena.

To cultivate the number of relevant visitors a website receives effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is key, and Digitally Different uses keywords to incorporate into daily news content, as well as distributing this content online on social bookmarking website and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This, combined with PR strategies is proven to increase website visitor numbers.

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