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Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is a concept that came about in the 1950’s which also goes by the name of “The Four P’s”. The elements of this mix are: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. The idea behind the marketing mix is that no one singular aspect is more important than another.

At the same time an organisation cannot focus all their attention on one part as all need to equally be addressed. The marketing mix is used to help establish an overall view of the company  or brand, as well as hoping to locate a unique selling point (USP) that can help the product/service be prominent within the marketplace.

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The 4 P’s need to all be considered when looking to meet the needs of their customers.

  • Product = What is the product? Is it tangible or a service? Mass produced or tailor made?
  • Price = Does the price reflect the product? How are competitors products priced?
  • Place = Where can the product be purchased? Online or in-store?
  • Promotion = How is the product being perceived by the customers?

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